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WIC Downtown Signage Project 

For a limited time, Windsor Improvement Corporation (WIC) will provide small grants (WIC is budgeting $5,000 for this project) to assist businesses in Windsor’s Designated Downtown with improving their existing sign or purchasing/installing a new sign.

Program Parameters As Follows:

  • Grants shall be for up to 50% of the required amount, with a maximum of $500.

  • Applications must include a vendor quote from one of the prequalified vendors listed below.

  • Grants are payable to vendor upon completion of work and issuance of invoice.  Awardees are responsible for the balance of the invoice.

  • Applications must show evidence of compliance with Town of Windsor downtown sign requirements - Click Here (Page 31) or Download.

  • Applicants that are tenants will need their landlord to also sign the application.

  • Applications will be returned by WIC by mail or email and will be evaluated by the WIC signage subcommittee

Main Street_edited.jpg

Prequalified Vendors

Benchworks Sign Co

Dave Dugdale

(802) 436-3036

Contact Us About The Program

Thanks for submitting!

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